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KITZ Living Foods

KITZ Living Foods Crackers - Raw Gourmet 4 Seed 100gm

$11.99 each


These are so gourmet, because they are not savoury or sweet you can use them however you wish, with dips, pate's etc or maybe sliced banana with a drizzle of honey or agave. Free from wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, egg, grains, yeast, artificial colours and preservatives. Raw, vegan and highly nutritious.l

Gluten Free, Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian ...

Mindful Foods

Mindful Foods Cacao Brain Power 500gm

$20.65 each


Leap in to your day with the mood-brightening & stress-relieving rewards of cacao, without having to indulge in a sneaky morning chocolate bar! Kick-start your brain & body with the readily usable energy of coconut oil, sharpen your mind & memory with ginger's neuroprotective family of nutrients. From the stream of endorphins that flow from cacao, to the dopamine boost in maca, to ginger's serotonin tickle, this is a blend of energising plant compounds designed for short-term focus & long-term benefit. In order to make these nutrients as available & digestible as possible, these nuts & seeds are soaked in a cultured & PH controlled solution in order to 'activate' dormant nutrients. Serving suggestions: Straight out of the jar into your mouth! In a bowl with milk. Sprinkled on top of yoghurt or a smoothie. A chocolate mousse topper! Artisan Granola made in Byron Bay. Organic. Activated. Paleo. Gluten Free.

Gluten Free, Paleo ...

Urban Forager

Urban Forager Stock - Vegetable (Concentrate) 250gm

$20.60 each


Delicious Stock concentrate made with 78% organic vegetables. Makes 10 litres. 100% Australian Ingredients. Gluten Free. Dairy Free. Refrigerate after opening for 1 year.

Gluten Free, Certified by NASAA ...

KITZ Living Foods

KITZ Living Foods Crackers - Raw Italian Herb & Garlic 100gm

$11.99 each


Started with activated flax and sunflower seeds, then mixed with a lavish helping of garlic herbs to make this cracker one of KITZ most popular. Delicious with avocado's, sprouts and black pepper!

Raw ...

Whole Kids

Whole Kids Bars - Apple & Blackcurrant (4 Pack) 100gm

$6.65 each


Whole Kids Organic Apple & Blackcurrant Fruit Bars are certified by Australian Certified Organic, so you can trust that your kids are chomping on the most natural bar around. And without all those added extras! Perfect for school lunchboxes - 4 packets per box of 1 individually wrapped bar.

Certified by ACO, Multipack ...

Noosa Seafood Market

Noosa Seafood Market Fish – Yellow Fin Tuna Poke w Dressing & Wakame 200g

$14.60 each


Simply thaw, mix with dressing, wakame and additional toppings.



Grana Chicory Cup 100gm

$9.80 each


Perfect coffee alternative. Naturally caffeine free. Simply add hot water and stir.

Certified by INTL ...

Jasper Coffee

Jasper Coffee Coffee - Ground (Ethiopia Yirgacheffe) 250gm

$16.60 each


Pronounced honey almond tastes, a rich clean body, with luscious chocolate hints. Great for filter, plunger, stovetop and espresso. Packed in Australia from imported ingredients. Fairtrade.

Certified by ACO ...


Barambah Cheese - Fetta In Brine 200g

$8.50 each


Barambah Organics Feta is deliciously creamy and a constant medal winner at various dairy awards.

Certified by ACO ...


Pukka Tea - Vanilla Chai 40gm

$7.85 each


20 Bags A caffeine-free cup of fairly-traded sweet organic vanilla tingling with cinnamon and ginger. A fairly-traded magic carpet of sweet organic vanilla tingling with cinnamon and ginger..and tender with cardamom, fennel and licorice.

Certified by INTL ...

Mountain Bread

Mountain Bread Wraps - Natural (Organic Flour) - 8 Pack 200gm

$4.50 each


Mountain Bread is used for all kinds of sandwiches, souvlaki and as a lasagne base. Wrap up your BBQ or Roast chicken to keep it warm. Use with dips or any kind of cooking. Delicious as baked crispy sandwiches. Try it baked and crumbled with milk as a cer Organic Wholemeal Flour (70%), Organic Wheat Flour, Filtered Water, Sea Salt..



Barambah Cheese - Fetta In Marinade 200g

$10.05 each


This is Barambah Organics' creamy feta in a full flavoured marinade. Simply toss into salads. The oils used are high quality certified organic sunflower and extra virgin olive oil. Try reusing the flavoured oils in dressings.

Certified by ACO ...
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