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Hafla Dip - Hummus 200gm

$7.70 each

With a Royal Sydney Show award, Hafla Hummus is sure to please. Great with just about any snack combination from fresh bread to carrot and celery sticks. Combine it with a little green tahini dip and the flavour and texture simply dances. Preservative free. Dairy Free. Gluten Free.

Gluten Free, Certified by SX ...

Silly Yak

Silly Yak Frozen Dessert - Lamingtons (2 pack) 190g

$7.80 each

2 x 95gm Lamingtons per pack. Traditional Aussie lamingtons in a pack of two. Wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, nut free and yeast free. Safe for people with fructose malabsorption allergies - Fructose friendly. Lamingtons leave Lettuce frozen on delivery day morning. Some defrosting may occur in transit. If defrosting on arrival, refrigerate and use within 6 days of delivery.

Gluten Free, Dairy Free , Wheat Free, Egg Free, Yeast Free ...


EnviroKidz Cereal - Gorilla Munch 284gm

$9.95 each

Very popular, crunchy, healthy gluten free cornmeal spheres.

Gluten Free, Certified by INTL ...


Cobs Popcorn - Popped (Sea Salted) 80gm

$5.50 each

Using only the finest quality Australian grown corn.

Certified by ACO ...


Lakewood Juice - Cranberry 946ml

$32.50 each

The Juice From Over 3 lbs of Organic Cranberries In Every Bottle

Independently Certified by QCS - Grown and harvested in accordance with the National Organic Program. No synthetically compounded fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or growth regulators. All Lakewood Juices are Pressed, Pasteurized, Bottled, and Vacuum Safety Sealed in Certified Organic Facilities.

Unsweetened • No Additives • No Preservatives

Gluten Free • Casein Free • Allergen Free

  • 100% Juice - Not from Concentrate
  • Fresh Pressed
  • USDA Organic
  • GMO Free
  • Kosher

Coconut Magic

Coconut Magic Oil - Mct 480ml

$25.30 each

MCTs are a highly beneficial form of dietary fat formed of Medium Chain Triglycerides and found in coconut oil. As opposed to long chain fatty acids found in other oils, MCTs are easily digested and processed in the liver, providing instant fuel rather than being stored as fat in the body. The MCTs found in coconut oil can also break down into ketones, which can be used by brain cells for fuel. The oil is packaged in an amber glass to reduce oxygen/light exposure. Derived 100% from pure coconut oil, contains no palm oil, no added flavours, colours or preservatives.


Udo's Choice

Udo's Choice Oil Blend - 3.6.9 250ml

$26.25 each

A unique blend of certified organic unrefined seed oils. Delivers a reliable source of the unprocessed Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Certified by INTL , Vegan, Vegetarian ...


Lakewood Juice - Blueberry 946ml

$32.50 each

The Juice from over 3 LBS of Fruit in every bottle! Lakewood juices only contain naturally occurring sugars from the fruit or vegetable.

  • 100% Certified Organic Blueberries
  • Non-GMO - No Synthetic Pesticides or Herbicides
  • Bottled in Glass | Non-Toxic | BPA, BPS & DEHP Free
Certified by INTL ...

Bob's Red Mill

Bob's Red Mill Pancake & Waffle Mix - 7 Grain 737gm

$12.10 each

Organic 7 Grain Pancake and Waffle Mix is full of wholesome goodness and irresistible flavours because we use only the finest ingredients - organic whole grain flours and wholesome grains including rye, spelt, corn, oat, kamut, flaxseed meal and quinoa.

Certified by INTL ...


Lakewood Juice - Concord 946ml

$23.20 each

Lakewood organic pure concord grape is a Natural Full Strength Fresh Pressed Concord Grape Juice. The naturally occurring potassium mineral found in the grapes has not been removed. Every serving contains two full servings of fruit.

Certified by INTL ...
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