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Our Fresh Produce Report

This report was updated on Wednesday 20th May for deliveries 25th - 28th May 2020 as usual continues at Lettuce Deliver in a 'getting back to usual' way!

Thank you all so much for getting in touch for box (and packaging) pick up which is happening Friday the 22nd and Friday the 29th.

We are hopeful that things can get back to 'usual' with weekly box pick up at some stage in June. We are in the process of working out how we are going to execute this safely...When this happens we will also be returning to using the gel pack iceblocks rather than the frozen bottles of water as we can use these hundreds of times if handled carefully and returned to us each week.

We are all still well....none of our family and staff have come into direct contact with any person carrying the virus and we are following strict procedures at our end to limit the chance that our team are exposed to the virus.

Our warehouse is still not open to the public at all and Couriers delivering stock to us are not coming inside our warehouse. We are following all of the guidelines provided to us by the World Health Organisation aswell as our Government to reduce any potential exposure to COVID-19.

Take care everyone,

Emma for Ben Slade and Cheryl & Bob Stuart

Please take note:

  • Order cut off for all delivery days is 8am Sunday for the coming weeks deliveries (for priority supply order by 6am Saturday). 
  • Any order placed after 8am Sunday will not be supplied until the next order cycle. 
  • No changes can be made to orders - additions, deductions, etc after the order has been placed.  
  • At this stage we are not picking up boxes, packaging, iceblocks - if you can store them in a clean, dry place for us until we can pick them up again that would be appreciated - we hope that we will be able to start picking up boxes at some stage in June....
  • Any goods purchased from us at the moment cannot be returned.  
  • Sensible Substitution will be made at our end if items are short or not available unless you advise otherwise. 
  • All orders requiring an ice pack will be provided a frozen bottle of water - charged at 90c - Please add these to your order when placing it. 
  • Favourite orders (for recurring order customers) will now be placed as early as Thursday. If you change your order after we have placed it on your behalf please send a new order to us (before the cut off) - we will know which one we have placed and delete it.

Monday - Thursday Deliveries: Order by 8am Sunday (for priority supply order by 6am Saturday)

Any orders placed after 8am Sunday will be held until the next order cycle  

Some things are worth the wait !

Some specialty items like Bread & Dairy have specific order cut off times. Please check these out when placing your order.    
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  • My detailed run down on the fruit & veg we offer to you has taken a back seat of late. Rest assured the quality of the Certified Organic, All Australian grown fruit & veg we have on offer for you is still our main priority even though it has not featured much in our newsletter of late.  
  • Last pick of Grapes available this week. 
  • Biodynamic Persimmons in good supply from Barillaro in Vic this week - only $14.00 per kilo. This variety is called Vanilla and can be eaten when crunchy or soft - so good!  
  • Put Mini Seedless Watermelon on the menu this week - Fruit from The Passionate Farmer has been superb and is in very good supply this week - only $3.80 per kilo. Whole melons ranging between 2 and 4 kg each. 
  • Pim's Strawberries have been superb....and now there are enough for us all to have more than 1 punnet : ) Pim's 2nd Quality fruit is also available - brilliant value if you cutting up your Strawberries anyway. These are just not good enough for 1st quality punnets - strange shape is the most common problem.....but we never know how many will be available until they are being please lettuce know if we should change your order to a first quality punnet should the seconds not be available for your order. 
  • Baby Dutch Cream Potatoes also in plentiful supply from Shane - only $3.50 for a kilo this week (listed as Chats - although not quite as small as real Chats). Put baby potatoes in their jackets on the menu this week - don't forget a tub of Organic Spreadable Butter to melt over the top - yum! 
  • The end of the Onion and Garlic season is upon us. Choice on size is now extremely limited - pretty much large and larger. Pieces are all around 250 - 300gm each. Sorry guys, if big is all we have - it is all we can supply - Know what to expect. Some Garlic pieces are now also coming to life and are starting to grow a shoot through the centre which can be removed of course or simply chopped up and eaten as well. 
  • English Cucumber in good supply this week from Kevin Black - only $6.00 per kilo. 
  • Garden (Shelling) Peas back on the list from Tim Hamilton and Biofields.  
  • ..Bunched Turnips from Paul also now available. 
  • Pumpkin - both Jap and Butternut, Loose Beetroot, Zucchini, Beans, Broccoli, Broccolini, Cabbages - all varieties, Rainbow Chard, Asian Veg and Brussels Sprouts were stand outs in the Veg this week. 
  • Did you know we have Recipe Packages, also simply known as Meal Inspiration for those of us preparing dinner for the fam each evening...Head to our Meal Inspiration Page to find this week's selection of Recipe inspirations. We know you all have things in your pantry like Olive Oil so with our packages you can simply add the package to your cart and then delete any goodies you don't require. So simple !  

We have updated our website with the most up to date and accurate information available to us at this time, but due to many factors including that most of the produce is yet to be picked there is of course some uncertainty with our expected supply. The good news is that we have quite a few supply options available to us and so we may list a Grower on our site that does not end up supplying us goodies this week. Rest assured we only deal in Certified Organic, Australian Grown Fruit and Veges - so any replacements we may supply to you from other Aussie Growers will also be grown in line with the National Organic Standard. You don't have to take our word for it... Lettuce Deliver is also a Certified Organic Retailer (NASAA Retailer R9291) which means that we have to be able to prove any claims we make about a products organic status at a moment's notice : )


MILK many cases the Milk we offer you needs to be pre-ordered at our end a week in advance. Most of the time our guess- timates are spot on...but we have been caught out on the odd occasion. We do have a number of Dairy options available to us and so if we run short  on some varieties, we may look to others to fill the gap. If you would like us to supply ONLY the milk you have ordered or nothing at all, please make a note with your order.


As you know, we charge your credit card for your delivery total on the day of or day after your delivery. Please ensure that we have your up to date credit card details and that there are sufficient funds available on the day of your delivery for us to process your payment.