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Maud n Lil Rattle Bell Socks (Organic) - Pink Bunny 1pack

$29.95 each
Certified by INTL

Rose the bunny baby jingle rattle bell socks are made from 95% certified organic cotton & 5% lycra and are the perfect baby gift or baby shower gift idea. Great for keeping baby amused when playing with their toes and keeping toes warm! The soles of the socks have special puff printing in case baby is taking first steps so he or she won?t slip over. These gorgeous socks are warm hand washable at 40 degrees Celsius (and should not be exposed to temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius) Excellent Baby Gift Idea. Designed in Australia.


Content: 95% Organic cotton & 5% lycra with Oeketex approved corn starch filling. Sustainable textile product

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