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Delivery Timetable

We deliver the freshest Certified Organic produce to most suburbs of Sydney twice a week on our Eco Runs....

...this means that your delivery day depends on where you live.

As our runs are organised with the environment and food miles in mind, we only visit areas once or twice each week. This ensures your food stays fresh as it isn't driven all over Sydney before it gets to you, and means that one of our friendly drivers can deliver all the way to your kitchen at a cost of only $6.60 per order.  

We do not have produce waiting around for sales - we order in exactly what we need to fill orders placed...it is the reason our customers rave about the amazing quality of our fresh produce!
Order by 2pm Sunday for Monday & Tuesday deliveries
Order by 8am Monday for Wednesday & Thursday deliveries

We can provide a 2 hour window in which your delivery will arrive when you place your first order with us - please lettuce know if we need to provide this information to you in your order note. The time that we deliver will be the approximate time your order will arrive to you each week on the same day. 

Check your suburb delivery day now 

Not appearing in one of our runs ? Please get in touch sales@lettucedeliver.com.au

Eco Run delivery day not convenient at your end ? Please get in touch sales@lettucedeliver.com.au