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Our story starts in 1996 when Emma left school and began working at Mary’s Organics, one of Australia’s first home delivery companies supplying Sydney with organic fruit & veg….founded by Mary & Tim Rutherford in 1988, the business initially sold ‘chemical free’ and ‘preservative free’ produce.


Emma quickly grew passionate about organic food and the philosophies behind it’s production. After a number of fantastic years at Mary’s, Emma knew she had found her place - she loved the food, the Farmers, the philosophies and working towards a sustainable Australia.

Cheryl & Bob encouraged their daughter to look into starting her own Organic Home Delivery, around the same time Gil and Rochelle who owned Lettuce Deliver were looking to sell their small shop and handful of home deliveries based in the Eastern Suburbs. Emma & Cheryl decided to take on the challenge back in 1999....Bob soon joined the business as it grew and required his expertise in logistics. 

By 2000, Lettuce Deliver had outgrown their premises in Tamarama. So the family decided that to supply their customers with the best possible produce that home delivery was the way forward. Ordering and delivery days were thought out carefully so that produce would be as fresh as possible and certainly not waiting around for sales. The shop was closed and Lettuce Deliver moved to a warehouse just outside Flemington Markets. At the same time Emma’s former boss approached Emma & Cheryl to purchase Mary’s Organics. Her first love – how could they refuse.

So the two businesses were merged and re-located to Homebush. It was decided that the name Mary’s would be retained and the business would go forward as Lettuce Deliver.

Today, Lettuce Deliver is bigger than ever with an unmatchable reputation in the market place. The extended Lettuce family includes close to 20 staff members, many of whom have been with the Stuart family for years, all with a genuine passion in Organics. We have dozens of Australian Farmers and suppliers, many families of which we have been co-operatively trading with for over 2 decades, not to mention the many happy, healthy families we deliver to each week across Sydney.

It’s no wonder customers of Lettuce say our produce tastes 'the best' it’s the vibration of so many happy, healthy hands that are collectively working towards a sustainable Australia. Hands that truly believe that food should come from a place of integrity and traceability and has, at its heart, a commitment to human health, animal welfare, and the environment.

Our logo has changed over time.....

Our original Logo - from 1999

Our smaller Logo - from 2015

Our new fresh logo - from 2021


More about Lettuce Deliver.....


All Certified Organic and Australian Grown, We source our fresh produce from Family Farms all over Australia. We have co-operative trading agreements with Growers and Suppliers extending over 22 years ensuring the produce our customers receive is of the highest quality. Some of our Supplies are exclusive to Lettuce Deliver ensuring quantities are small and quality extremely high. Growers are paid a fair price for their produce ensuring there will be more produce available next season.

Being passionate about fruit and veg is the basis of our huge range of fresh produce.

We offer our customers seasonal boxes as well as welcome tailored orders....just start shopping ! You can also set up a 'repeating order' that you change, pause or cancel by signing into your acount. 


We offer our customers over 3000 groceries including bread, dairy, confectionary, meat, personal care items, Manchester and much more. We encourage our customers to ask us to source specific items they may be finding hard to find.


We only supply Certified Organic, Australian Grown Fresh Produce to our customers. That means that all of the Growers supplying Lettuce Deliver are independently audited to ensure they are growing their produce in line with the National Standard for Organic Production. We are also a Certified NASAA retailer which means that all of the produce on offer can be traced back to the source. In fact NASAA can contact us with a moment's notice and ask us to provide invoices and proof of purchase for any goods we are selling as Certified Organic. 

Lettuce Deliver has been a NASAA Certified trader (R9291) since 2003 - that means we have been a certified NASAA trader for 20 years!

We welcome any enquiries about the origin of the food we are supplying. Like most Certified Organic Operators we are proud of our Certification and will happily assist with any of your enquiries.


Lettuce Deliver is owned and run by the Stuart Family, we have been running our business with real passion since 1999. The business has moved from a humble beginning in a small shop in the Eastern Suburbs to one of Australia's largest independent organic home delivery companies. Originally run by Emma and her mother Cheryl. Today Letuce Deliver is run by Emma with her husband Ben who has worked with the business since 2000.

As a family, we are passionate about sustainable agriculture in Australia. We are attracted to a food production system that prides itself on integrity and traceability and has at its heart a commitment to human health, animal welfare and the environment.


We offer our customers the very best prices we can week in and week out.

All businesses that deliver goods have to factor in a delivery charge ! If a business does not have a separate charge, as we do, they are working the delivery charge into their prices...this ultimately means that the customers spending the most $ actually pay a much higher fee for delivery than smaller customers.

Any business offering a blanket discount on orders over a certain $ value have also factored this discount into their pricing. Don't be fooled by what may appear to be a quick saving of $5 or $10.00 !