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Maud n Lil Organic Cotton Comforter (Bunny) - Blue/White 1pack

$34.10 each
Certified by INTL

Designed in Australia . This bunny is somewhere between a blanky, a bunny plush toy and a dummy clip (you can put a dummy in his paw for safe keeping). Measures 30cm long when laying flat and is machine washable. These super soft and safe toys are among the best toys available for new born babies and sensitive little ones. They are made with 100% certified organic cotton velour fabric and oeketex approved dyes and a natural corn starch filling. They have hand stitched faces so no plastic eyes that can be swallowed or polyester filling or artificial fluff that can be inhaled through little noses.


Content: 100% certified organic cotton surface with Oeketex approved corn starch filling. Sustainable textile product.

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