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Alter Eco Chocolate - Truffles - Silk Velvet (Darkmilk Choc) 108gm

$10.95 each ($10.14 per 100gm)
Certified by INTL
 Fans of our award-winning bars will recognize the deep, smooth Ecuadorian chocolate surrounding these sumptuous truffles. Inside, nourishing coconut oil meets milk and cacao for an oh-so-creamy center. 

*Wrapped in plant-based, non GMO, compostable wrappers.


Cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, coconut oil, cocao beans, caramel flavour, vanilla beans. Melty silky goodness. Made with pure coconut oil. Deep smooth Peruvian chocolate surrounds these sumptuous truffles. Inside health boosting coconut oil meets milk and cacao for a centre so creamy, its virtues will melt your defences.

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