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BioBeet Kvass REPLENISH - Iron Tonic 500ml

$26.00 each $5.20 per 100ml


The sweet taste of beetroot is enhanced by fennel seed, goji berry, hibiscus, rosehip and lemongrass. This is our most nutritious and dense Kvass. In the background you can taste the bitter from the roots and the grassy notes of nettle, parsely and moringa leaf. In REPLENISH we have enhanced the already strong nutritional profile of Kvass by adding iron rich herbs. Our Iron Tonic is a safe, highly bio-available source of non-heme iron whose absorption is increased by the synergistic presence of A, B, C & K Vitamins, lactic acid and other valuable nutrients that support iron uptake. REPLENISH also doubles as the ideal liver and gall bladder support, a gentle diuretic and tonic for the urinary system, has anti-allergy properties and is an effective anti-inflammatory.


Beets*, dandelion root*, fennel seed*, goji berry*, hibiscus*, lemongrass*, moringa leaf*, wild-crafted nettle leaf, parsely*, rosehip*, yellow dock root*, spring water, Celtic sea salt, hand-made biodynamic culture. *Certified Organic.

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