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EnviroCare Disinfectant Concentrate 1l

$12.87 each ($1.29 per 100ml)

Makes up to 60 litres, Cleans freshens and disinfects all bathroom and hard surface areas and is also effective for pet areas as well. Our products are based on natural ingredients, vegetable extracts & minerals, no petrochemicals, no phosphates, no caustics, no chlorine, no animal testing, readily biodegradable, septic & sewerage systems safe.


Purified water, plant based nonionic surfactants, benzalkonium chloride, pine oil, food grade vegetable colour.

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About EnviroCare

We've been creating environmentally responsible products since 1994. As a company we believe that we are all have a responsibility to our planet. Removing ingredients that have been found to either cause environmental or personal harm has always been a priority, that’s why we were one of the first brands in Australia to remove palm oil from our products. Over the years we have continued to build on making our products better by not using silicones while maintaining our ethos of no sulphates, synthetic fragrances, propylene glycol, mineral oils, EDTA, parabans or harsh petro chemical derived ingredients. All of our products are plant-based. Nothing nasty. Our products are non-toxic, bio-degradable and contain ingredients sourced ethically and sustainably from the best Australian or International suppliers. We develop products in house with our team and as such have never tested any of our products on animals and will not produce products that would require the mandatory testing to release such products. At enviroCare Earth we understand that our planet has finite natural resources and that the production of personal care, cleaning products and pet care if made with care and consideration can be sustainable. Ultimately we want our products to make a difference. We are proud to be an Australian family run company (2nd generation), manufacturing in Perth and creating products which are safer for you and our environment. Our journey is ongoing, exciting and we are always looking to improve the way we do things. SUITABLE FOR VEGANS: We do not use any animal products, even bees wax. NO TESTING ON ANIMALS: We do not carry out any animal testing in the manufacture, development or quality control of our natural product ranges, nor do we commission such testing. We are opposed to the use of animal testing. INGREDIENTS: We source ingredients that are plant based. If the jury's still out on the safety of an ingredient, rather than risk it we will leave it out or replace with an alternative safer one. PACKAGING: We source packaging, printing & containers from Western Australia whenever possible and request recyclable and recycled materials. Our brochures are printed on recycled paper with environmentally responsible inks. If you can share your brochures with a friend or work colleague it all helps. BIODEGRADABLE: We are Western Australia's oldest environmentally responsible retail brand. We have included the use of biodegradable ingredients that comply with Australian Standards for biodegradability AS/NZS 4351-1996. MADE IN AUSTRALIA We are proud to be an Australian company, manufacturing here and creating products which are healthier for people & the environment. Since 1994 our journey is ongoing & we are constantly looking to improve the way we do things.

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