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Herbon Laundry Washing Powder (Fragrance Free) 1kg

$13.07 each ($1.31 per 100 gm)

Soda Ash(Mineral), sodium bicarbonate(Mineral), zeolite (Mineral), phosphate (Mineral), sodium metasilicate(Mineral), coconut ethanolamine, hydrogen peroxide (A bleach), purified water.


Herbon oil of Eucalyptus laundry powder has been scientifically formulated using only carefully selected botanical, herbal and mineral ingredients to protect the environment and provide the user with a safe medically tested alternative. It is a fine biodegradable powder which dissolves totally in hot or cold water and contains double-distilled oil of eucalyptus which leaves your wash smelling fresh and clean. 100% biodegradable, allergy free, no petrochemicals, no artificial perfumes or animal ingredients, not animal tested, safe for septic system.

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