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Kehoe's Kitchen Dip - Cashew Cheese With Turmeric 250g

$11.25 each ($4.50 per 100 gm)
Certified by ACO

Instead of fermenting milk to make cream cheese, we ferment cashews using the same traditional fermentation process.

This means our range of probiotic, wholefood Cashew ‘Cheese” dips/spreads taste like real dairy cheese without using any flavours, colours, thickeners, starch, preservatives or gums.

Fermentation creates lactic acid (and lots of probiotics), so the dips are naturally acidic and will keep for months in the fridge even after opening.

Our Turmeric Cashew Cheese is flavoured with real ingredients; organic garlic, organic onion, organic turmeric and natural sea salt, giving it a delicious “tasty/cheddar” cheese flavour.


Organic raw activated raw cashews, remineralised reverse osmosis filtered water, organic onion, natural sea salt, organic garlic, organic turmeric, culture (non-dairy).

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