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Purcell. Janella Book - Elixir - How To Use Food As Medicine

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Janella Purcell is a qualified naturopath, nutritionist, medical herbalist, iridologist, chef and good friend of Lettuce Deliver. She is the Nine network's food editor/naturopath and writes for Woman's Day and Good Medicine magazine. She has been with the whole foods since childhood and special diets for the past ten years. In this invaluable book she shares her expertise in foods, health and nutrition, and shows you how to care for yourself, naturally and easily, using food as medicine at home. Janella presents an intriguing variety of subjects and information. These range from suggestions to assist healthy ageing, to a discussion of organic produce and why you should use it, to tips for those suffering from headaches, fatigue, immunity problems, fertility issues and syndrome X and many more topics.

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