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Simply Clean Floor Cleaner – Lemon Myrtle 1l

$10.40 each ($1.04 per 100ml)

Lemon Myrtle Floor Cleaner is a concentrated, high performance, cleaning solution, formulated to leave a perfect streak-free finish to shiny floors. It’s tough on dirt, kind to the environment and toxin free. Each litre makes up to 100 litres of ready-to-use cleaner! Toxin and sensitiser free: Protecting your family’s health. No synthetic perfumes, only pure Australian lemon myrtle oil. Streak-free finish on shiny floors and polished floorboards. Neutral pH – gentle on polished, waxed and oiled floors. Phosphate free. Grey water safe and septic safe. Palm oil free


Pure Australian lemon myrtle oil, polyalkylene oxide (biodegradable low-foaming surfactant for cleaning), alcohol alkoxylate (streak-free rinse aid), citric acid (food grade, adjusts pH), tetrasodium edta (water softener), green colour (food grade, non-toxic), water.

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