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Tofu & Tempeh

Earth Source Foods

Earth Source Foods Tofu - Firm 375gm

$7.20 each


Firm texture, versatile slices or cubed. Fry or grill and season before adding to savoury dishes.

Certified by DEMETER ...


Primasoy Tempeh (Natural) 225gm

$6.50 each


Plain tempeh can be cooked with any spices you like such as coriander, cumin, turmeric, harissa, curry powder etc. The unique characteristic of tempeh is that it maintains its firm texture while absorbs the flavour of the spices. The tempeh can be marinated with your favourite spices or cooked in dishes such as casserole or curries.

Certified by ACO ...

Earth Source Foods

Earth Source Foods Tofu - Silken 300gm

$6.15 each


Delicate creamy texture. Spoon into miso soup, or create a simple, delicious dessert by adding honey, fruit or chopped nuts.

Certified by DEMETER ...


Primasoy Tempeh With Tamari & Ginger 225gm

$8.50 each


A delicious and nutritious meal in minutes. Ideal for salads, rice or simply on its own,

Certified by ACO ...

Earth Source Foods

Earth Source Foods Tofu - Smoked 250gm

$8.70 each


Naturally smoked using Australian wood. Delicious in sandwiches and wraps, on toast for breakfast, as well as stir fries and oven bakes. Made without GMO or preservatives.

Certified by DEMETER ...

Earth Source Foods

Earth Source Foods Tofu - Soft 250gm

$6.15 each


Soft, smooth texture. Slice into flat rectangles, marinate and bake for 30 mins before adding to stir-frys, hotpots or salads. Made by traditional Chinese methods.

Certified by DEMETER ...


Primasoy Tempeh With Roasted Garlic & Coriander 225gm

$8.50 each


Heat and serve for a tasty and nutritious meal in minutes.

Certified by ACO ...


Primasoy Tempeh With 3 Seeds 225gm

$9.65 each


All of our tempeh products are made from Australian organically grown soybeans. This means that no artificial fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides have been used in the production process.

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