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Wild South Seafood Fish - Whiting 280g

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Serves 2. Hand Filleted. Snap Frozen. Cape Catastrophe King George Whiting is line caught Off the coast line, shoals and inlets of far west Eyre Penisula, South Australia. Cape Catastrophe is just one of the headlands jutting into the Southern Ocean outside of the protected waters of Boston Bay and the boat harbour of Port Lincoln. King George Whiting is not only the King of the Whiting but king of all the fishes, when it comes to eating pleasure. A finer flaked fish you will never find. It also has an extremely low oil content. The fish portions are frozen when they leave lettuce, but it is very likely that they will defrost in transit. We recommend ordering more than one pack to try and help keep them frozen. We expect though that is more than likely you will need to put them in the fridge once the delivery is made.


King George Whiting Fillets - wild caught.

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