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Wild South Seafood Fish - Red Snapper (Nannygai) 280g

$32.00 each $11.43 per 100gm


Serves 2. Hand Filleted. Snap Frozen. Neptune Island Nannygai- Red Snapper is Line Caught. Red Snapper, Golden Snapper, Red Bight Fish (its official name), Nannygai are so named for their beautiful red skin (possibly more pink hued to some colourists). They are line caught in the open waters off Boston Bay. The place that Neptune Island sits. Red Snapper has firm, slightly oily white flesh that can withstand cubing, cutting and dicing. Line caught Red Snapper is considered a sashimi grade fish. The fish portions are frozen when they leave lettuce, but it is very likely that they will defrost in transit. We recommend ordering more than one pack to try and help keep them frozen. We expect though that is more than likely you will need to put them in the fridge once the delivery is made.


Deep sea Neptune Island Nannygai Snapper fillets - wild caught.

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