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Wild South Prawns - King 400g

$31.00 each $7.75 per 100gm


Approx 10 Prawns per pack. Wild caught, snap frozen. Spencer Gulf King Prawns are simply, green (uncooked/raw) really fresh prawns. The prawns are wildcaught using prawn trawlers and seine nets. The Spencer Gulf is the body of water that runs from the Southern Ocean up to Port Augusta in South Australia. Port Lincoln is at the bottom end of the Gulf .The Spencer Gulf prawn fishery is MSC certified, which is the internationally recognised process for recognition of a sustainably managed fishery. Spencer Gulf King Prawns are treated at sea with sodium metabisulphate (preservative 223). This is included on the product packaging labelling. The prawns are frozen when they leave lettuce, but it is very likely that they will defrost in transit. We recommend ordering more than one pack to try and help keep them frozen. We expect though that is more than likely you will need to put them in the fridge once the delivery is made.


Un-cooked Spencer Gulf king prawns, preservative 223.

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