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Silly Yak Frozen Pie - Meat (2 pack) 380g

$13.90 each $3.66 per 100gm


2 x Individually wrapped Pies (190gm each). Good old fashioned meat pie. A crisp pastry case, filled with minced beef, spices and a dairy free, tomato-based gravy. Wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, nut free and yeast free. Pies leave Lettuce frozen on delivery day morning. Some defrosting may occur in transit. If defrosting on arrival, refrigerate and use within 6 days of delivery. As product is frozen 'Best Before' date is extended by 6 months.


Pastry: flour (rice, soy, tapioca, maize, potato), Nuttelex margarine, eggs, canola oil, baking powder (glucono delta-lactone (575), potassium bicarbonate (501), sodium bicarbonate (500)), salt, xanthan gum (415), guar gum (412). Filling: mince beef, tomato, onion stock, tomato paste, canola oil, stock powder, salt, pepper. Water added.

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