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Geo Organics Curry Paste - Thai Red 180gm

$9.35 each ($5.19 per 100gm)
Gluten Free
Certified by INTL

A hot and spicy curry paste. Geo Organics Thai red curry paste is dairy free, has no artificial colours, approved by the UK vegan society, and good for anyone who needs a gluten free diet. Different to a simmer sauce, curry pastes are little jars of concentrated spices which can be used to marinate meat, or coconut cream will make a delicious curry. Curry pastes tend to be stronger and improve with age as the spices infuse with the other ingredients. Usually a curry paste, due its concentrated nature, will be good for multiple meals. Like all curry pastes, Geo-Organics curry pastes are simple to use, for Thai curries all you need is vegies, coconut cream, and your choice of tofu or meat, and a chilli if you like it really hot!


Water, diced onion, white wine vinegar, red chilli peppers (9%), sunflower oil, chilli powder (6%), garlic puree, ginger puree, corn starch, sea salt, ground coriander, orange juice (from concentrate), cumin. May contain traces of nuts.

Place of origin

the UK

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