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Good Fish Mackerel Fillets In Organic Extra Virginolive Oil 120gm

$6.30 each ($5.25 per 100gm)
BPA Free

These sweet and juicy little fish are a prized speciality of Andalusia, Spain, and are caught and processed today just as they were centuries ago. Cooked on the day they are caught, the Atlantic chub mackerel are one of the world?s most sustainable fish, absolutely delicious to eat and a responsible environmental choice. Fished in the clean waters off Portugal and Spain they are caught in small nets by fishermen in small boats. They are hand filleted using traditional methods and preserved in certified organic olive oil. Wonderful to eat on toast or as part of robust salads, paired with ancient grains or hearty pasta dishes, these mackerel are a healthy perfect choice to pull out of the pantry for a quick meal, or to turn into a hearty meal. BPA FREE CANS


Mackerel fillets, organic extra virgin olive oil 35%, salt.

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