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Ozganics Pasta Sauce - Tomato & Basil 500gm

$7.85 each ($1.57 per 100gm)
Gluten Free
Certified by ACO

Ozganics rich pasta sauces are made using the freshest organic ingredients. Slow cooked in the traditional style, Ozganics pasta sauces have a pure and robust flavour. No wonder these are some of Australia?s most popular organic pasta sauces. Fresh garden herbs and tomatoes, lovingly simmered and stirred to a perfect consistency. This rich sauce is a pasta lover?s dream come true. Gluten Free. Dairy Free.


Certified organic tomatoes 98% (reconstituted tomato puree, diced tomatoes), sea salt, certified organic garlic, certified organic basil, certified organic white pepper, certified organic oregano,Organic tomatoes 96% ( organic tomato puree, organic diced tomatoes), organic onions, sea salt, organic garlic, organic herbs and spices, organic basil(0.5%), natural food acid (citric)

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