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Regal Fish - Salmon - Skin On/Bone Free 190g

$14.90 each $7.84 per 100gm


1 piece is approx 190gm each. This Salmon is cryvaced and frozen. King Salmon farmed in the Marlborough Sound in New Zealand where the waters are totally unpolluted. The Salmon are raised naturally without the use of Hormones, Antibiotics or drugs of any kind. The harvesting nets are hand cleaned eliminating the use of cleaning chemicals. The Salmon are naturally high in Omega-3 Oil which assists in maintaining a healthy heart. The high oil content provides the fish with a wonderful rich flavour making it perfect for Sashimi, baking, grilling and smoking. The fish portions are frozen when they leave lettuce, but it is very likely that they will defrost in transit. We recommend ordering more than one pack to try and help keep them frozen. We expect though that is more than likely you will need to put them in the fridge once the delivery is made.


New Zealand King Salmon (100%).

Place of origin

New Zealand

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