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Simply Clean Oven & BBQ Cleaner 750ml

$16.20 each $2.16 per 100ml


An eco-friendly, easy-to-use, fume free oven cleaner is the Simply Clean product that has been missing until now! Our newest product, naturally fragranced and boosted with orange oil, cleans up oven interiors and barbeque hotplates & grills.


d-limonene orange (peel) oil & n,n-dimethyl 9-decenamide (biodegradable, plant based; for dissolving heavy grease), potassium citrate (boosts cleaning performance, water softner), polyalkylene oxide & decyl glucoside (biodegradable surfactants), alcohol (plant derived ethanol), xanthun gum (vegetable thickener), ethanolamine (solvent for grease), water.

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