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Wild South Seafood Calamari 280g

$21.00 each ($7.50 per 100gm)

Serves 2.

Wild caught, snap frozen.

Boston Bay Baby Calamari is Prawn Seine. Whole cleaned baby calamari, wings, tentacles and tube. Caught in the Spencer Gulf.

Calamari is significantly more tender than the more common squid. The tubes have wing attached and range from 11cm long (large) to really quite small (3 - 4cm).

Tentacles are removed from eyes, cleaned and packed with tubes and wings.

The calamari are frozen when they leave Lettuce Deliver, but it is very likely that they will defrost in transit. We recommend ordering more than one pack to try and help keep them frozen.

We expect though that is more than likely you will need to put them in the fridge once the delivery is made.


Wild Caught Boston Bay Calamari

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