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Fish 4 Ever

Fish 4 Ever Sardines With Organic Lemon & Olive Oil 120gm

$12.15 each

Sardines in organic olive oil and lemon are fished by local boats with small purse seine nets off the coast of the bay of Biscay.

Certified by INTL ...


Orgran Pancake Mix - Buckwheat (Gluten Free) 375gm

$6.75 each

The Orgran buckwheat pancake mix is a nutritional quality product naturally wheat free and gluten free. This wholesome product contains no added cane sugar and makes delicious and nutritious pancake the family will enjoy.

Gluten Free ...


Kialla Grain - Millet (Hulled) 400g

$8.95 each

A highly versatile grain which can be cooked, roasted or mashed.

Certified by ACO ...

Xin Hua Cheng

Xin Hua Cheng Frozen Dumplings – Chilli Pork (16 pieces) 400g

$11.00 each

Classic Sichuan mapo tofu flavour with delicate spice.


Beef - Sausages Paleo (Thin)

$33.75 per kg

Grass Fed and Finished Beef. Coming from Nicholson's Organic Farm Fresh Meats. Packs range from 500g-600g. Weights are adjusted when picked and packed.

Certified by ACO, Paleo ...
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