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Broth of Life Meat Rub - Texas Beef 100g

$19.99 each $19.99 per 100gm


Packed with a carefully crafted mix of spices and herbs, our rub captures the essence of Texan barbecue tradition. It's a flavour explosion, with a smoky, spicy kick that'll make you want to don a ten-gallon hat and shout, "Howdy, flavour!" Whether you're firing up the BBQ, smoking low and slow, or even searing in a skillet, Broth of Life Texas Beef Meat Rub transforms your beef into a masterpiece. It's like having a Texas pitmaster in your own backyard!


Organic dehydrated beef bone broth, himalayan salt, organic pepper, organic garlic granules, organic onion powder, organic ground coffee, organic rapadura sugar, celery seed, organic chilli powder.

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