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Food to Nourish Cookie - Choc Chip (Protein) 60g

$5.50 each $9.17 per 100gm


This is a first, a Protein Cookie made with wholefood ingredients, packed full of collagen and actually tastes like a delicious crunchy cookie! Each cookie is free from refined sugars, gluten, dairy and eggs. 13g protein per cookie. 8gm Collagen.


Cashew nuts, erythritol & monk fruit blend, almond meal, dark chocolate chips [14%]* (organic raw cacao paste, organic coconut sugar, organic cacao butter, cacao solids 64%), hydrolysed collagen powder, coconut oil*, maple syrup*, coconut flour*, tapioca flour*, psyllium husk*, Himalayan salt, baking soda & vanilla bean powder. *Certified Organic Ingredients

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